Etsy picks

I love trawling Etsy, to look for a plywood bedside table, or vintage things like iron candlestick holders or Georges Briand type glasses. The sheer number of listings and shops means that more often than not I can find the exact type of thing I was looking for. Here are a few of my current favourite things on the site:


These over the door hooks from Australian maker Wirely are a much nicer upgrade from the plastic hooks I got from the 100 yen store. They look deep enough to hold some hoodies and jeans and stop them from falling down, though you could hang much nicer things as illustrated in their photographs. Lots of colour choices as well, if you’d like the hooks to blend in or stand out from the door.

I’ve been looking at lots things made with Marimekko fabric lately, and this wallet from Kitty Came Home fits my needs to carry everything at once. Clear PVC I think is also an underrated material, since it can show off other materials whilst protecting them from the elements.


IppuStudio makes messenger bags/backpacks with canvas and Marimekko fabric, particularly the Unikko big flower pattern.

They’re currently on holidays at the moment, but these bags are well worth the wait!

P.S. I also have an Etsy shop, which mostly stocks zines and from time to time other handmade papery things.

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Living in a ghost town.

Ever wanted to live in the 2001 Ghost World film? Japanese fashion label Aymmy in the Batty Girls (pronounced ‘Amy’) gives you the clothes to place you in that dream.


Season concept: Living in the Los Angeles suburbs, Kathleen feels a sense of boredom. Feeling trapped and longing for life of freedom, she invites Aymmy to catch a bus to leave the suburbs. So together they wander the deserted Ghost Town.


slider03 (1)


Designer and Harajuku model Ayumi Seto clearly loves the movie, picking up on the clothing styles of Enid and Rebecca. In love with American pop culture, motels, burgers, 50s diners and punk music, Seto reinterprets retro culture for young Japanese girls. Incidentally ‘Kathleen’ is a name which has turned up in previous collections, referencing the eponymous Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill.



Below, the raglan tee as reimagined from the ‘Tiffany and Amber’ scene.  The image is a homage to Daniel Clowes’ comic, down to the inking style and the pale blue ink.

8174260_B_08_500 08061127_55c2c62b8b77e


And the same shot from the actual comic:



Even the dress from the last scene of Ghost World was recreated. That shot makes me sigh into the neon distance…

I wonder how many times I’ve watched the film, but I think its time to watch it again this weekend…